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Why do I need B2B SEO agency services ?

Most clients conduct online searches before making a purchase offline. With a combination of SEO & PPC, your website will rank high in relevant search results.

B2B SEO agency services will help your company appear higher in search for relevant keywords. Our approach is founded upon understanding your own unique company’s challenges and objectives, then building a bespoke SEO strategy that's right for you.

We focus on providing an exceptional return on your investment and transparency in our process along the way.

Why involve GOAT as your B2B SEO services agency?

What sets GOAT apart from any other B2B SEO services agency is our focus on metrics, and understanding what influences those metrics. We obsess over metrics that help your business grow.

We conduct SEO for B2B companies that are ready for a long-term approach. Search engine optimization is slow but very stable and we combine it with other tactics to give your company success along the way.

What is it like working with GOAT?

We are a transparent B2B SEO services agency. Our processes and reporting peel back the curtain so you have a clear understanding of the work being done.

Our B2B clients want clarity around SEO and the actions we take, as well as alignment with search engine optimization and their business strategy but most of all they want results.That’s why, we focus on the metrics that matter most like qualified leads per month and conversion rates.

Building new conversion centric landing pages


We took a site that was doing well, but had little success in expanding out their keyword profile. Our extensive project focused on building new conversion centric landing pages to expand out MSLK’s keyword profile.

These new pages successfully converted preexisting customers and generated traffic for their website.


Focusing on lead generic keywords

Columbia Macine

After a successful strategic project focusing on redirecting the organic traffic by focusing Columbia Machine’s website around lead generic keywords, we expanded the company’s relevant audience outreach.

We adapted the website’s organization to reflect page relevance in concordance with internal policies and diminished informational clutter. We achieved this by trimming pages that were not customary behavior for the website’s SEO. These changes reduced Columbia Machine’s overall website maintenance costs and connected their solutions to potential clients.


Redirecting organic traffic around lead generic keywords

Lincoln International

After a successful strategic project focused on redirecting the organic traffic around lead generic keywords, we expanded Lincoln International’s relevant audience outreach.

We managed to achieve this by using Hreflang tag which helped the company rank for finance related keywords worldwide.


Our B2B SEO Process

Process is a critical factor in our success.When we tackle tough problems, we do it with a tested process at our back.

Intake Interview

We listen to your business objectives and the role SEO plays to your business. We analyze both your internal team's capabilities and your external support requirements. Every client is different and our goal is to understand your business specific circumstance.

With your business objectives in mind, we dig into your existing analytics and data. We look at how your users are interacting with the site, or any other properties you have.

We examine your website through a lens similar to that of Google, identifying opportunities for optimization to help it reach its full potential.

We search for and fix broken links, incorrect redirects, and duplicate content to enhance your search engine rankings.

We consider both search intent and Google's capacity to comprehend and analyze content. With the addition of talented copywriters, you'll receive content that drives sales for your business.

Our B2B SEO agency services will support you every step of the way. We focus on data and analytics reports results to drive growth.


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What are B2B SEO agency services?

Our B2B SEO agency understands B2B marketing and what should be done differently. B2B SEO agency services include a set of online marketing strategies like keyword research and link building that will help your company’s website rank at the top of unpaid search engine results pages.

How can I improve my SEO results?

B2B SEO agency services will help you improve your rankings and increase your leads. Google Search Engine is a valuable marketing channel that’s waiting to drive revenue for your business.

Why is hiring an SEO agency relevant for a B2B company?

B2B SEO agency services can greatly impact your marketing campaign as 95% of online searchers only view the first page of results. If your website is not ranking high, it is likely to receive minimal traffic. It's crucial for B2B companies to focus on search optimization as users frequently turn to search engines to fulfill their needs.

Why is it important for a B2B company to have a high-ranking site on search engines?

A site that ranks high on search engine results is typically considered high-quality and trustworthy by search engines and users, this boosts the credibility of your B2B company. B2B SEO agency services with GOAT will help your site rank high with keyword research & a defined marketing strategy.Many successful business acquisitions start with a simple Google search.

What benefits do B2B SEO agency services provide?

B2B SEO agency services enable the tracking of fluctuations in rankings, conversions, and website traffic. When using tools like Google Analytics, we can access extensive data that provides insights into each visitor's journey, including the keywords they used in their search and whether they carried out specific actions, such as making a purchase.

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