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How do beauty digital marketing agency services differ from other types of marketing services?

Our Beauty digital marketing agency services go way beyond product page descriptions and paid ads.They also involve targeting your audience throughout their journey. Beauty brands that manage to do it effectively will grow their audience, strengthen their brand, and drive more revenue.

One interesting recent trend within this industry has been an increase in customer willingness to try out new beauty brands as they search for better, more ethical products. As your beauty digital marketing agency we can help your company address this trend using data, analytics and personalization to understand and reshape your customers' needs.

Beauty industry marketing opportunities

Throughout the pandemic, online sales became a significant revenue driver. Consumers rely heavily on your content to make informed buying decisions. Researching new products, and learning how to use different types of beauty products.

As a result, it is crucial for your beauty company to consider exploring trends like ingredient transparency, sustainability, and diversity in your digital marketing efforts. Working with a beauty digital marketing agency like GOAT will guide you towards the most beneficial opportunities to include in your marketing strategy.

Our beauty digital marketing agency will create a tailored marketing strategy that highlights those qualities most sought after by your ideal customers, with the end goal of growing engagement and increasing your revenue.

What sets GOAT apart from any other beauty digital marketing agency?

What sets GOAT apart from any other beauty digital marketing agency out there is our focus on metrics, and understanding what influences those metrics. We understand why users do what they do because we track their behavior. With the use of data, and analytics your beauty company will adjust to consumer demand more effectively than before.

GOAT is hyper-focused on doing what works. Our beauty digital marketing agency uses proven strategies to increase revenue and increase your bottom line. As experts in beauty marketing, we know how to navigate the challenges of rising ad costs and online competition. By creating trust, providing education, and generating intrigue, we will turn your beauty fans into superfans.

Beauty Industry Clients

We are proud to feature some of the work we have done for other beauty industry clients in the past

Consolidating Retrouvé’s audience and redirecting their ad focus


When we took over Retrouvé's digital marketing campaign, their conversion funnel was overly complex and not in line with best practices for iOS 14. To address this, we consolidated their audience and redirected their ad focus towards user acquisition.

As a result, we were able to increase website traffic and revenue for the luxury skincare brand while effectively managing their budget.


Building new conversion centric landing pages


We took a site that was doing well, but had little success in expanding out their keyword profile. Our extensive project focused on building new conversion centric landing pages to expand out MSLK’s keyword profile.

These new pages successfully converted preexisting customers and generated traffic for their website.


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We never stop learning

At our beauty digital marketing agency, we prioritize data driven approaches and analytics. We believe that strong analytics are crucial to the success of your beauty brand, so we incorporate them in every service we offer.

We are a transparent beauty digital marketing agency. That’s why we provide clear, comprehensive reporting that gives you a behind the scenes look at our processes.

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