Analytics and Strategy

Let's build your battle plan

What we solve

Analytics and Strategy form the foundation for everything we do. We install and look directly at your analytics to gain insight in to how customers interact with you digitally. We find what is working, what isn't and what could be. Strategy is then putting a plan in place to get from where we are, to where we want to be. We combine your analytics with industry best practice to bridge that gap.

Then we've built an award winning team execute on those insights.

Who we create for

We build for companies that think data is the smartest person in the room. Companies that want to track what customers are doing, and give them more of what they want. We invest heavily in to data and analytics to inform everything from brand strategy to SEO tactics.

Why we never stop learning

Launch is only the start of the road. By compiling user insights and behavior after launch, we keep improving your site, and why we believe our job can never be done. This means ongoing marketing support and continuous optimization for quarterly results that include increased traffic, leads, and sales.

Competitive Analysis

We review competitors and the industry landscape to give you the best strategy possible

User Experience Audit

We look into your user's journey and gain insight into how well your site is working to meet your goals

SEO Audit

Traffic from Google reigns supreme and we offer services to help you attract quality clicks

Web Development

It isn't just about insights. We have a single team that can go all the way through execution

We start every relationship with a conversation

The Process

We believe in the importance of process. When we tackle tough problems, we may go into uncharted territory but we do it with a tested process at our back.

Intake Interview

We listen to your business objectives and the role your website plays to the company. We look at what team you have internally, and what support you need externally. Every client is different and our goal is to understand your specific circumstance.

With your business objectives in mind, we dig in to your existing analytics and data. We look at how your users are interacting with the site, or any other properties you have. We review the industry landscape and present all of these business findings to you before we collectively make recommendations.

Your Digital Strategy is your battle plan. It lays out how we will use new and existing technologies. We figure how your company can use digital best. What will give the best return on your investment? We address both the services we have on offer and the ones we don't - all focused on you. We go deep with this and this is the foundation of Goat Digital. Once done, we do a milestone and checkoff so that you have clarity at every stage.

When we get buy-in on your strategy, we Execute. This looks different for every project, but your project manager will lay it out so you have clarity.

We aren't satisfied with resting on our laurels and we aren't too proud to admit, we can do better. Here is where we prove it. Our ongoing work centers around 'Conversion Rate Optimization'. We put on our science hat and we do experiments. Do your users prefer X headline or Y headline? Do your users prefer a button here or there?

We want long-term relationships. We want your site to convert. We lay the foundation during Execution and then via Analytics Reports and Quarterly Deep-Dives and Strategy Updates we raise the bar higher.

Why involve GOAT in developing your strategy?

We live and breathe by a simple philosophy: Do what you say you will do.

What sets GOAT apart from other agencies is our focus on metrics, and understanding what influences those metrics. We understand why users do what they do because we track their behavior.

Yes, we have all of the other 'agency' things too. We have award-winning digital strategists and incredible developers. Our foundation is set. But it's our focus on data, analytics and research that truly set us apart.

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