Analytics and Strategy for Smarter Healthcare Marketing Decisions

Analytics & strategy solutions for better digital marketing

Why does my healthcare company need analytics & strategy?

Analytics & strategy are crucial for healthcare companies as they reveal actionable insights, predict trends, and drive long-term growth.

GOAT will analyze your analytics to find opportunities for improvement, develop a strategic plan, and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. By leveraging analytics & strategy, your healthcare company can make informed decisions, drive positive outcomes, and deliver high-quality care to your patients.

Why choose GOAT to be my analytics & strategy agency?

You should choose GOAT as your analytics & strategy agency because we have a unique focus on metrics and understanding what influences them.

We track user behavior to understand why users do what they do, which allows us to provide valuable insights and recommendations to improve your healthcare services.

We are a data-driven agency that builds strategies for companies that understand the power of data. We invest heavily in data and analytics to inform every aspect of your healthcare business, from brand strategy to SEO tactics.

What is it like working with GOAT?

Working with GOAT is a unique experience. We prioritize data and education, explaining jargon and providing analysis to help you make informed decisions.

As a transparent marketing agency, our processes and reporting provide a clear understanding of the work being done.

We provide solutions and explain their value, empowering you to make the best decisions for your healthcare business.

Supporting an entire community and moving business objectives forward

National Eczema Foundation

When GOAT revamped the entire NEA website, we needed to do two things: tie in to their mature existing digital ecosystem and increase their community engagement via newsletter signups and donations. Success.


Strategies to rank high in relevant searches


MediCardia, the digital remote patient monitoring software tool specialized in cardiology, came to GOAT looking to rank in relevant searches through an adequate representation of who they are and what they do.

GOAT did an extensive keyword research to find how their target audience was searching for similar software on Google & find the best opportunities for them around this.

To achieve MediCardia’s goals. We provided SEO analysis and effective recommendations for them to attract their desired audience (vice presidents, managers and C-suite executives) .

Analytics & Strategy Process

We believe in the importance of process. When we tackle tough problems, we may go into uncharted territory but we do it with a tested process at our back.

Intake Interview

We listen to your business objectives and the role your website plays to the company. We look at what team you have internally, and what support you need externally. Every client is different and our goal is to understand your specific circumstance.

With your business objectives in mind, we dig into your existing analytics and data. We look at how your users are interacting with the site, or any other properties you have.

Your digital strategy is your battle plan. It lays out how we will use new and existing technologies. We figure how your company can use digital best and what will give the best return on your investment. We address both the services we have on offer and the ones we don't - all focused on you. Once done, we do a milestone and checkoff so that you have clarity at every stage.

When we get buy-in on your strategy, we execute. This looks different for every project, but your project manager will lay it out so you have clarity.

Our ongoing work centers around 'Conversion Rate Optimization'. We put on our science hats and we do experiments. Do your users prefer X headline or Y headline? Do your users prefer a button here or there?

We want long-term relationships. We raise the bar higher. We want your site to convert. We lay the foundation during execution and then via analytics reports, quarterly deep-dives and strategy updates.

Analytics & Strategy FAQ

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What does analytics & strategy mean?

Analytics & strategy is the process that will enable you to make conclusions while analyzing data from informational resources. We use processes and algorithms that manipulate data for you to make better & informed decisions, this works as a strategy to discover your business full potential.

Why should I hire an agency specialized in analytics & strategy?

Hiring an agency to build a marketing strategy based on your data analytics will help your company make better & informed decisions. Using strategies from a range of content areas, mathematics, and statistics, will help you make predictions followed by conclusions on future outcomes for your business optimization.

What does a strategy based on analytics look like?

We always provide a holistic overview of existing website traffic and analytics, including, overall traffic, user demographics, most frequently used devices, top referring sites and top entry and exit pages. We will also track custom success metrics determined during the strategy tailored for you and set up monthly calls to review and present our conclusions.

We never stop learning

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have a strong focus on data and analytics. In every service we include strong analytics to help you continue to navigate performance throughout the life of your brand.

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Analytics & Strategy Benefits

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Clients acquisition and retention

The digital footprints of past clients reveal a lot about their preferences, needs, purchase behavior, etc. We will use data to observe your clients patterns and then tailor your services according to your specific clients needs. This goes a long way to ensure client satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately a considerable boost in sales.

Data allows healthcare companies to deliver customized services to their targeted market. With analytics, healthcare companies will be able to analyze clients trends by monitoring online sale transactions. These insights are then used to design a strategy focused on making targeted campaigns that will help your business live up to your clients expectations and build brand loyalty.

Data can improve operational efficiency, your interaction with clients and their valued feedback will help to collect large amounts of valuable data. Analytics will extract meaningful patterns hidden within the data to create a tailored marketing strategy for your company.

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