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Why does your company need a Facebook & Instagram advertising agency?

Hiring a Facebook & Instagram advertising agency like GOAT can help your company reach its ideal audience and achieve business goals through customized strategies rooted in data and analytics.

Effective management of these ads is crucial to driving eCommerce sales. GOAT can optimize campaigns, increase visibility, and drive growth for your business.

Why involve GOAT as your Facebook & Instagram advertising agency?

Our proactive approach, focused on delivering measurable results, is what sets us apart. Our commitment to quality work is achieved by treating your project as if it were our own.

We do not offer snake oil or magic solutions, but rather rely on clear processes and concise strategy. Our solid execution further solidifies our promise to deliver the best possible outcomes for your project.

What is it like working with GOAT?

As a transparent agency, we ensure that our processes and reporting are clear and accessible to our clients. We are committed to providing a comprehensive understanding of the work being done, and our reporting is designed to be easily understood.

At our Facebook & Instagram advertising agency, we prioritize data and analytics. Launching your ads is just the beginning of our partnership. Our robust analytics provide ongoing support in monitoring performance throughout the lifespan of your brand.

Expanding Retrouvé’s audience to attract new unbranded users


We inherited an overly complex conversion funnel that did not align with the best practices for iOS 14. During our campaign, we consolidated Retrouvé's audience and redirected their ad focus. We were able to successfully refocus their budget towards user acquisition while increasing website traffic and revenue for the luxury skincare brand.


Our Facebook & Instagram Ads Process

Process is a fundamental element of our problem-solving approach. While we may encounter new challenges, we rely on a structured process to help us navigate uncharted waters.

Intake Interview

We listen to your business objectives and the role your social ads play to the company. We look at what your team has done internally, and support your external needs. Our goal as your Facebook & Instagram advertising agency is to understand your specific circumstances.

With your business objectives in mind, We look at how your users are interacting with your Facebook and Instagram profiles. We review competitors and the industry landscape and present all of these business findings to you before we collectively make recommendations.

We look into the current state of your Facebook & Instagram ads and gain insight into how well your paid ads are working to meet your goals.

Your advertising strategy is your battle plan. We figure out how your company can use Facebook and Instagram Ads best to get the best ROI. We address the services we have to offer, focusing on you, and delve deep into them. We take your existing branding and design language to provide a unified message for potential clients. After rounds of revision, there is a milestone and checkoff for you to always know what we'll be building.

We launch your new Facebook & Instagram Ads to the world!

As your Facebook & Instagram advertising agency we will support you every step of the way. Once campaigns are live, we focus on data and analytics to drive growth.

Facebook & Instagram Ads FAQ

If you can’t find the right answers feel free to reach out

Why will hiring GOAT make a difference on my Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns?

Hiring GOAT as your Facebook & Instagram advertising agency can make a difference in your advertising campaigns by providing clear performance indicators throughout the entire sales pipeline and reducing your management workload. With monthly breakdowns of performance and budget, you can be confident in your team's success and benefit from high-quality research.

What is the average price range for Facebook & Instagram advertising?

Fees vary by client or agency, but we typically operate under a flat fee, plus percentage of ad spend depending on budget. This allows us to scale fees and service your accounts appropriately.

What are the benefits of using advertising services for paid ads on Facebook & Instagram?

The benefits of using advertising services for paid ads on Facebook & Instagram include the ability to choose the best target audience and ad costs before starting the campaign, which can help overcome the limitations of organic marketing. Additionally, partnering with a Facebook & Instagram advertising agency like GOAT allows for the implementation of Website Visitors ads, which can drive more traffic to your website through a specific URL.

How do Facebook & Instagram ads compare to Google ads in terms of cost effectiveness?

Facebook & Instagram ads can be more cost-effective than Google, as their advertising platforms offer specific campaign objectives that can be customized to align with budget and business goals. However, while Facebook & Instagram ads can be effective on their own, they tend to work even better when used in combination with a PPC (pay-per-click) strategy.

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